Pot Luck

Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama officiated a wedding for two of his former staffers this past Sunday in Washington, DC, according to Washingtonian magazine. [...]

The first year of Making America Great Again is over. So how did President Donald Trump do compared to President Barack Obama? President Trump and his supporters make a big deal about the stock market these days. On Trump's Inauguration day (Jan [...]

Former President Barack Obama officiated a wedding for two of his former staffers this past Sunday in Washington, DC, according to Washingtonian magazine.... [...]

(CNN) -- Former President Barack Obama officiated a wedding for two of his former staffers this past Sunday in Washington, DC, according to Washingtonian magazine. The 44th President helped tie the knot for Dana Remus, his senior counsel when he was [...]

DC staffers Dana Remus and Brett Holmgren's wedding-day vision was simple: They wanted to “have an awesome party and not worry about all the little things.” And with former President Barack Obama leading the ceremony, they didn't have to. T [...]

Vladimir Putin

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has discussed Turkey's incursion into northwest Syria in a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the state news agency Anadolu. Erdogan called Putin on January 23 after speaking wit [...]

MOSCOW, January 23. /TASS/. Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russian and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey spoke over phone to discuss the situation in Syria, including near Afrin, where Turkey is conducting a military operation, the Kremlin press service s [...]

MOSCOW, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin and visiting Argentine President Mauricio Macri agreed on Tuesday to strengthen bilateral cooperation in a wide range of fields including trade, economic, investment, high technologies and [...]

"We don't have censorship," said Medinsky. "We are not afraid of critical and unpleasant assessments of our history. But there is a moral line between the critical analysis of our history and desecrating it." Russia holds a p [...]

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Kremlin said on Tuesday that President Vladimir Putin had discussed Turkey's military operation in Syria's Afrin with his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan by phone and that Syria's territorial integrity and sov [...]

Xi Jinping

Last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended. He warned against protectionism and trade disputes. At the time, Xi said that “a trade war will only lead to suffering on both sides.” Tao Ran is an economist at the Brookings Institution, a research [...]

DAVOS, Switzerland — Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India issued a strong call on Tuesday for nations to embrace globalization, combat climate change and strengthen international institutions like the World Trade Organization. “Forces of protectioni [...]

China has doubled down on steps to cut leverage in the financial system after President Xi Jinping consolidated power at a key party congress last year. Authorities have issued a flurry of regulations in recent weeks to curb shadow banking, adding to [...]

In 2015, Trump panned President Barack Obama's decision to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping on a state visit that year. "I would not be throwing (Xi) a dinner," Trump said at the time. "I would get him a McDonald's hambur [...]

The current global order was also defended by Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, who said on a panel discussion that China is opening up its economy to outside competition and cited a promise by President Xi Ji [...]


What is the current currency in Cuba? Do they have their own currency now? [...]

Answered: We have just decided at the last minute to take a trip from the midwest to Cuba. We love the beach but are also intrigued by Havana, mingling with the locals, and would like to venture out into the country. We have no idea where to stay, ho [...]

The U.S. State Department announced the creation of a Cuba Internet Task Force made up of government and non-government representatives seeking to 'promote the free and unregulated flow of information' and 'expanding internet access an [...]

What's more, the president reportedly referred to El Salvador as a “shithole,” terminated deportation protections for thousands of Central American and Haitian immigrants and tightened U.S. policies toward Venezuela and Cuba. Trump's action [...]

Answer 11 of 11: Can't find link anymore to reviews. Am I missing something? [...]

Pope Francis

Pope Francis practiced what he preaches on Thursday, when he stopped the Papal procession to help a police officer who was bucked off of her horse. It was the last day of the The Pope's visit to Iquique, Chile, and he and his entourage were maki [...]

Laura Spencer has been demoted. Genie Francis, the star of ABC's General Hospital, has been dropped to recurring status. Entertainment Weekly reported Monday that Francis decided against signing a full-time contract for another year. However, th [...]

Without a moment's hesitation, Pope Francis signalled his driver to stop his trademark vehicle. He rushed to the officer's side, and stayed with her until medics arrived. Later, officials from the Catholic church said that The Pope offered [...]


Local businesses, such as 120 West 58 Wine and Liquor at 120 W. 58th St., denounced the mayor's plan, which could go into effect as early as next month, and worried about whether the homeless would be bringing drugs into the community. “You can [...]

Dividing up into groups of three with a map of a section of the city they were supposed to canvass, volunteers set out, greeting homeless residents and asking them to answer survey questions including their age, race, how long and how many times they [...]

TEXARKANA, Ar - Tuesday, the Salvation Army of Texarkana conducted its homeless count. The annual event assists the charity in getting grants to help those in need. Tuesday morning, the charity served up hot coffee along with cocoa for kids. Official [...]

A picture of a homeless man sitting on a wet sidewalk outside of a Wisconsin hospital has sparked an internal investigation. An eye witness snapped a picture of the man discharged from Aurora Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee wearing only a hospital [...]

University of Saskatchewan (U of S) researcher June Anonson wants to develop a strategy to address homelessness in Prince Albert and beyond. According to a 2015 study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 20 per cent of people in Saskatchew [...]